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Steel joists are open web lightweight steel trusses consisting of parallel chords and a triangulated web system, proportioned to span between bearing points. There are five main components: a top chord, bottom chord, end web, bearing seat, and interior web members. Steel joists (or open web steel joists in Canada) are typically made of hot-rolled or cold-formed steel with yield strength of 50 ksi and are typically designed and constructed in accordance with standards developed by the Steel Joist Institute. Steel joists are used in a variety of projects: industrial, commercial and other unique applications.

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Steel Joists

About: NA


Width: 4.5 inches - 26 inches 


Length: 70 inches - 80 inches

Size Available: 150,200,250,300,350,400,450,500,600.


Head Shape: Can be customised to specification as per need.


Application: It is used in manufacturing alloy steel round, square, flat, hex. Its also used in re-forging purposes. 

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